• The Latest 3d Animation Trends To Follow In 2019

    animation trend 2019

    Just like burgers and fries, Mario and Luigi, and peanut butter and jelly, dads and cars are an infamous pairing forever linked together in popular culture. There are almost countless films and clippings that you see and the ones that have been on successfully are mainly created in animated versions. Precisely speaking, while watching a whiteboard animation a viewer can see images being built in front of his eyes. To see how brands are using this animation style as part of their video marketing strategy, check out the stunning examples below. Animated explainer videos are great tools for raising awareness about businesses and brands. Aside from showing the software in use, it can be challenging for brands to sum up the perks of their product in just a few minutes - but IDShield shows it’s possible. Explaining the benefits and features of a digital product is hard. Storytelling plays a major role in this kind of video: the main character (representing your brand persona) solves your audience’s problem with the help of your product or service.

    Also called character animated video, it’s one of the most requested styles, because its custom-designed animated characters can bring emotion and personality to any brand. Nowadays, these videos have become fully digital but still try to recreate the classic procedure; some companies decided to go further, adding 2D character animation and special effects. Check out this high-intensity short, and as you do, pay particular attention to the complexities of their scenes; staggered cityscapes and crowded auditoriums are no easy animation feat, but just as expected, Nike delivers with the skill of a champion. In this stop-motion commercial, a milk-obsessed trio runs out of Cravendale and has a competition to see who gets the last glass. The traditional technique was made by an artist who drew on a whiteboard, while being recorded by a camera. The guest, who is also the video’s narrator, tells the story of her father, a Berlin Wall guard during the Cold War.

    Instead, Slack opted to refine their message into 2D moving shapes that elegantly tie into the video’s script, proving that sometimes the simplest solution is also the best solution. As you’re watching, consider how complex it might have been for Nike to produce this video using live-action footage, and why they opted for animation instead. When Northwestern Medicine wanted to spotlight their rich history and recent accomplishments in a single video, they opted for a whiteboard-style animation. This powerful combo allows marketers to show real-life situations, and amplify them with animation layered on top of live-action footage. If Paypal wanted to physically create the environment it illustrates in this animated and live-action combo video, it could have cost six figures. Not every one of us can bear the cost of harnessing the 3D technology. Can 3d software produce 4d result? IDShield pairs whiteboard animation with motion graphics to explain the ins and outs of their identity protection software. Today, computer animation has become the norm and has vastly improved since the release of “Toy Story.” The improvement is thanks to animation software. 3D computer animation is becoming less complex day by day. Featuring sharks, extra terrestrial burglars, ninjas and more, this video is dynamic in a way that would be complex and expensive with live footage.

    If you run a low-budget startup, this could always be a good first step while aiming for more complex videos in your next campaign. This can be initiated by preparing presentations of overall marketing campaign flow so that one can add and change content or theme themselves. You can incorporate it in your mails; upload it on your website; upload it on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It can be used for advertising, marketing, corporate films, cartoons, gaming, educational programs, in the entertainment industry and for the media sector. You can create male and female characters. While traditional animated videos usually centre around characters and elaborate settings, motion graphics videos give life to stories that otherwise wouldn’t be visual, using shapes, graphics, and text to visually represent the story being told. Their teamwide communication app solves tricky problems that aren’t best represented by animated characters in an office setting.

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